Inventory of magic brand series products in 2016

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Core tip: the 2016 China Construction Expo is coming, and this year is a little different. The 18th China Construction Expo will be held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly exhibition hall from July 8 to 11, 2016

core tip: the 2016 China Construction Expo is coming, and this year is a little different. The 18th China Construction Expo will be held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly exhibition hall from July 8 to 11, 2016. This exhibition involves a wide range of topics and strong professional segmentation. It will be a new starting point and will be presented in front of the industry with fuller and richer content. Hesheng Yaju magic brand whole house customized home solution, with the distinctive characteristics of cross-border and customized integration, leads the development of the industry. As the most investment value brand in the industry, Hesheng Yaju brand products competed to appear this time. Xiao Zhou also made an unconventional inventory of the "most" and most impressive series of products of Hesheng Yaju brand

the biggest brand: Modern board style bookish romantic style series wardrobe

Hesheng Yaju brand first brings sincere works to loyal consumers - bookish romantic style series wardrobe. This wardrobe starts with logs. Every wonderful combination makes this wardrobe have a different personality, or romantic, or literary, or simple, but each has its own wonderful story. Here, the wardrobe not only becomes a kind of enjoyment, but also an idea of a better life in the future. Scholarly romance, finding that long lost taste, is indeed a "big brand" worthy of the name

minimum assets: Mediterranean style pragmatic bedroom series

the drawer style floating window tatami can meet the storage function. The extended wardrobe combines the design of bookcase, desk and dressing table to meet the storage needs in terms of space utilization. You can sit on the tatami, have a cup of coffee, read books, listen to music, be in a daze, well, live a petty bourgeoisie life in the movie. Let you relax and enjoy the extraordinary taste of European civilization

the most romantic: Milan style series wardrobe

Milan style wardrobe is creatively made of LED intelligent induction lamp system, which can be switched at will according to different needs and life taste. It is vague and vague, and the visual effect is worth praising for you. The soft material breaks the image of the hardliners in the wardrobe. The combination of rigidity and softness is harmonious and natural. The design absorbs modern minimalism, has dynamic designers and unique ideas, combines Milan fashion style, and warms your heart with unspeakable praise

the most dreamy: Danish magic color series wardrobe

this series of wardrobe has unique color, rare simple color combined with wood grain color, with a little natural flavor, revealing a strong sense of story. In this wardrobe space, it is the idea of a better life for you, which gives us a warm, simple and comfortable home. What kind of life you want, here will think for you, so that you can enjoy a high quality of life. It is said that when you and your beloved wife blend into this warm environment and look at each other, you suddenly feel that the wardrobe is more chic and playful. The wardrobe is in love with each other and loves each other deeply, as if it was then

most durable: Tulip fragrance series wardrobe

tulip fragrance series products, as a sub product of Hesheng Yaju brand, have brought many mature products with the help of Hesheng Yaju brand's years of research and development and market experience. What you see is a large red tulip, full of vitality, graceful, reasonable layout and setting, and the modern style of the perfect blend of home space and design, so that your life becomes simpler and tasteful. The dark drawer of this bedroom series wardrobe can freely place photos of yourself and family into it. It is easy to change, and small details can add more warmth to the family

the most elegant: Provence postmodern home

pure and quiet Pearl White + comfortable color matching, elegant and refined, making people feel like returning to nature; The symmetrical and harmonious spatial layout, the design of cabinets and open cabinets with scattered heights, have rich and unique shapes, showing the fashion and vitality of modern cities. This series of furniture combines wardrobe, bookcase, locker and display cabinet into one, making the whole family full of sunshine and love. Unique creative design, the door panel adopts exquisite edge banding technology, so that every corner is perfectly wrapped, effectively protecting the door panel, while making Hesheng Yaju brand home more delicate and durable





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