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The regulation and control of the property market may stimulate the market demand of the door industry

whether the property market policies and market fluctuations will cause the "Butterfly Effect" of the door and window industry, whether the strong rigid demand for house purchase can stimulate household consumption, and how enterprises will respond to changes and find new growth points have become the focus of attention of people in the door and window industry

insiders generally believe that the prosperity of the real estate market in the past few years has provided sufficient driving force and development space for the door and window industry. The giants of the door and window industry have also completed transformation and upgrading, and the continuously accumulated energy is bound to explode in the future. However, this outbreak requires strong driving force support: People's consumption concept of pursuing a comfortable and personalized new home will bring strong purchasing power to the door and window market; Once the wait-and-see period of property market regulation is over, the centralized outbreak of rigid demand will also drive the sales blowout of home building materials; The large-scale supply of policy housing will also become a "blue ocean" that door and window enterprises urgently need to explore

real estate market regulation promotes market development

in the past two years, real estate regulation policies have been issued one after another. Although many people hold a conservative attitude towards the future development of the door and window industry, some insiders believe that the door and window industry is a potential beneficiary of the new round of real estate regulation

a series of real estate market regulation policies were introduced to crack down on real estate speculators. According to experts' analysis, real estate speculators buy houses to sell them after appreciation, and few people really live on their own. In housing sales transactions, rough houses are more popular in the market. Therefore, real estate speculators generally do not decorate houses. They are not customers of the door and window industry originally, so those real estate speculators cannot bring actual economic benefits to the door and window industry. The leading group of household consumption is those who have rigid demand and improved housing demand, and their demand really affects the sales performance of the door and window industry

insiders predict that regardless of the outcome of the current real estate regulation policy, it is undeniable that investment consumers will become less and less or even disappear. If house prices begin to fall, rigid demand will be released after consumers' wait-and-see mood subsides, and the cost of buying a house will be reduced. Naturally, a larger proportion of investment will be made in decoration. At that time, the long-term trend of the door and window industry is bound to be positive, and there will be a "retaliatory rebound" in both the home decoration market and the building materials industry; If house prices are still rising steadily, after a period of wait-and-see, those consumers who strongly need houses will still sell. These people have rigid needs, and self occupied decoration is bound to promote the consumption market of doors and windows. In order to stabilize the house price, the professional real estate speculators will not throw the house away lightly before. They will rent the house after simple decoration. The entry of a large number of vacant houses into the market is also an increment, so it is also a great increment for the decoration market, and this part of the market share can not be underestimated naturally

affordable housing may increase the consumption of doors and windows

in addition to the above factors, the strong promotion of affordable housing will reverse the situation and is expected to stimulate the consumption of doors and windows

10million affordable housing units will be built nationwide this year. Calculated by 50 square meters, there will be a decoration market of 500million square meters for affordable housing in 2011 alone. In Kunming market, 120000 affordable housing units are expected to be started this year. The low price of affordable housing and the saved house purchase expenses will, to a certain extent, translate into the purchasing power of decoration and stimulate the market demand for home building materials

consumption concept promotes industry demand

an authoritative organization has conducted a survey and found that people will buy doors and windows under the five conditions of increasing income, marriage, improving residential environment, promotion and adding new population to their families. These five factors have become increasingly prominent in our industrialization and urbanization construction

for the future development trend of the door and window industry, many people believe that the Chinese people have the traditional concept of "home ownership", and the value preservation and appreciation function of real estate determines the rigid demand for housing, and this self occupancy demand will inevitably produce the need for decoration. Therefore, from the perspective of demand determining the market, the potential of the future door and window market is still very large

Li Junming, general manager of Gangdu doors and windows, believes that people have the desire and requirements to pursue a better life in any age. Due to this potential demand, under the premise of people's increasing material living standards, building a comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable home has become the goal of people's pursuit, which constitutes the rigid demand for the development of the door and window industry in the future

with the improvement of residents' living standards and the continuous innovation of door and window products, the cycle of people replacing new household products will be shorter and shorter. Therefore, the prospect of the door and window Market in the future is very broad

without buying a house, there is no need to decorate the house, and there is no need to buy doors and windows and decorate the love nest. As a downstream industry closely relying on the real estate industry, the future market prospect of the home furnishing industry is closely related to the trend of the real estate market

professionals believe that with the development of the city, the transformation of villages in the city and the construction of new towns, the future real estate volume will be a gradual growth process, which provides a strong guarantee for the future development of the home furnishing industry

the performance of distribution business increased compared with the same period last year

although the transaction volume of the real estate market is in constant change, the growing sales performance of home building materials dealers every year also proves the implicit existence of rigid demand for home furnishings. Xiaobian learned from the decoration and building materials enterprises in Kunming that since the first half of this year, the sales performance of most businesses has still increased by 20% to 30% compared with the same period last year. Businesses are full of expectations for the future door and window market and are ready. Some businesses said that they expect the sales volume to double by the end of this year. Such confidence comes from the potential market of doors and windows in the future





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