Five steps of squatting pan purchase

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At present, although most personal toilets are decorated with toilets, squatting toilets still have reasons to survive in the family

at present, although most personal toilets are decorated with toilets, squatting toilets still have reasons to survive in the family

from the perspective of sanitation, the main toilet generally adopts the toilet, and the guest toilet generally adopts the squatting toilet. Families with larger toilets can also choose the urinal for men, which is conducive to cleaning and saves water

five steps should be paid attention to when selecting in the market: look, touch, fix, compare, try

first, look at the whole

well-known stores have their own characteristics, set up model rooms, and place various qualification certificates that can prove their strength in a relatively obvious position. Whether the samples are placed neatly and beautifully can reflect the importance and intention of the manufacturer to its own brand from one side

second, touch the surface

the glaze and body of the surface of high-end squatting toilets are relatively delicate, and the surface will not feel uneven by hand

the glaze of medium and low-grade squatting toilets is relatively dark. Under the light, pores will be found, and the glaze and body are relatively rough

III. weight

high grade squatting toilets must use high-temperature ceramics in sanitary ceramics. The firing temperature of this kind of ceramics is above 1200 ℃, and the material structure completes the crystal phase transformation, generating a very dense glass phase, which meets the requirements of all ceramic sanitary ware, and the hands feel heavy

medium and low-grade squatting toilets are made of medium and low-temperature ceramics in sanitary ceramics. These two ceramics cannot complete the crystal phase transformation because of their low firing temperature and short firing time, so they cannot meet the requirements of all porcelain

IV. specific water absorption

the most obvious difference between high-temperature ceramics and medium and low-temperature ceramics is water absorption. The water absorption of high-temperature ceramics is less than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and will not absorb peculiar smell, and will not crack the glaze and local water leakage

the water absorption of medium and low temperature ceramics is much higher than this standard, and it is easy to enter sewage. It is not easy to clean, and it will give off unpleasant odor. Over time, cracks and water leakage will occur

v. try flushing

for the squatting pan, the main function is flushing, and whether the squatting pan pipeline design is scientific and reasonable is the biggest factor affecting flushing





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