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Washbasin is one of the bathroom elements often used in bathroom. Some feel very comfortable and just right. Some are in constant trouble, either standing in pain or water often splashing on their bodies. What should be paid attention to during installation to avoid these situations? The following four points should be paid attention to

depth is proportional to intensity. Splashing water on the body is probably the most uncomfortable point for consumers. As a rule, the depth of the washbasin is directly proportional to the intensity of the water flow of the faucet installed on it, that is, a faucet with strong water flow can only be installed in a deep pool. Never install a large faucet on a shallow pool at the bottom, which will splash people when using water. The bottom of the pool should have enough radian, not flat, otherwise the water will accumulate in it

pay attention to the height. Whether it is a stand-alone or desktop wash basin, the height of the pool surface or table top from the ground should be 8085 cm, because a too short pool will cause low back pain

pay attention to the finish. The edge of the washbasin must be slightly higher than the table top, but the junction with the table top must be smooth, so that the water splashed on the table top can be wiped back into the pool without hindrance, and at the same time, it is convenient for the cleaning of the table top. The table itself must be made of smooth materials, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid collision. The smoothness of the wash basin itself is also very important. The pool surface with high smoothness makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of times that need to be scrubbed

space determines form. The washbasin is roughly divided into two types: freestanding and desktop. The independent style has beautiful appearance, small floor area and easy maintenance, which is suitable for toilets with small space. However, it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or washstand to facilitate the use of the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics. The desk washbasin should occupy at least one small desk. It can put washing utensils on the table and sundries in the cabinet below. If the toilet area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular washbasin in the corner, and a triangular sundry rack can be hung above the basin to store washing supplies




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