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this is a house with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and two bathrooms, a total of 89 square meters, with white and log colors as the main colors. There are not too many shapes, but some efforts have been made in the collocation of soft clothing, such as furniture, sofas, decorations, paintings, etc. the color matching and material selection are more attentive, in order to make the home atmosphere more comfortable and natural

living room

the overall space of the living room and dining room is relatively large, and there is no separation. The integrated ground and top surface are made of the same materials and shapes, which can have a wider, bright hall and atmosphere

the overall color is mainly white, and the decorative panel and furniture are log color, which makes it feel like returning to nature

the sofa background wall made of log colored wood veneer has an invisible door on the right, and the storage area is entered from this door

the shape of the furniture is very simple. The single chair is blue, the sofa is gray, and the decorative paintings on the wall are colorful, which are very consistent with the hue of the pillow. The mixed colors are rich, highlighting a full space

standing in the living room, you can see the restaurant and the porch


standing in the restaurant, you can also see the kitchen and porch

the dining table and chair are in log color, and the shape is very simple, but it looks very chic

there are three chandeliers on the dining table, which match the overall atmosphere very well


the shoe cabinet in the entrance porch is embedded, which is perfectly combined with the top surface. The hollow middle design, the back decorated with cork, and the designed dressing mirror is large-scale, which is really convenient and practical

there is a black wall panel facing the entrance door. The shape is embedded. It is painted with white paint around and wrapped with edges, highlighting the obvious sense of hierarchy

there is a cork wall behind the blackboard wall, and the matching side cabinet is log colored. In fact, this cork wall also plays the role of a partition wall

public bathroom

this is the dry area of the public bathroom. The bathroom cabinet background is made of black mosaic, and the top is equipped with mirror headlights, giving people a modern and generous feeling, and it is also very clean and tidy

children's room

children's room is mainly a simple and clean layout. Pure color furniture and sheets are not much decorated, and the space created is also very quiet

the bay window is designed as a desk, which looks very simple and practical. The shutter shutter is installed on the big window, and the transparent light makes the interior more bright

master bedroom

this is the master bedroom. A wardrobe is made in log color, which is on the side of the bed, and a white wardrobe is at the door of the bathroom, so you can have more storage space

master bathroom

the bathroom is divided into two independent spaces, one is a fan-shaped shower room, and the other is a washing table and a toilet, which separates dry and wet, and is very convenient to use


this is the kitchen. The cabinets are log colored, giving people a comfortable and natural feeling

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