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Samsung smart door lock has many conveniences that need to be installed in your home. If you have old people and children in your home, So come and choose a suitable smart door lock ~

Xiaobian recently met a fashionable hot mother

she is not only beautiful and kind-hearted

but also has super ability

both the old and the young at home

at the same time, she also doesn't forget to manage herself

recently, she was replaced with a smart door lock by Amway at home

she began to complain and regret the doubt on the face of

Xiaoxing just a few days after using it

so easy to use.How can I regret buying smart door locks

as a result, she said:

regret buying late

just a few days after using

she felt many conveniences brought by the smart lock

what are the specific

let's listen to her talk ~

opening the door is like unlocking a mobile phone. Easy

home keys, car keys Unit access card

you have to install various keys every day when you go out

you come home at night carrying a lot of things

and you have to struggle to find the key from your bag to open the door

it's very cumbersome to think about it

if you forget your key or lose it

it's even more troublesome

with smart door lock

as long as fingerprint or password

it's like unlocking a mobile phone

it's really convenient

the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder

? Every time you go out,

you have to repeatedly confirm whether you have the key belt.

after you go out,

you have to repeatedly recall whether you have locked the door.

with a smart lock, you can instantly eliminate these entanglements

because you can check the door lock in real time through the app

you can also set a key anti lock

you don't have to worry about locking the door anymore

you can make sure that your children are more at ease when they get home

children at home are attending primary school

. after school Parents get off work early

children are more likely to lose their keys carelessly

family home prompt function of smart lock

you can know that the child has arrived home safely in time

if the child forgets the password

you can also unlock the child remotely through app

nothing is more important than the safety of children

even the father said that

now there are many old people who help their children

go out and turn back

Looking after the children while looking for the key to open the door

if you change the smart door lock, you can easily and quickly open the door as long as you put your finger

the old man has a poor memory and often forgets to bring the key

children can unlock the old man remotely through the app

and also know in real time whether they are safe to get home

even the father who originally shouted that buying this kind of lock was too expensive and


I'm also impressed by the function of smart lock

many conveniences of smart door lock also need to be installed in the door of your home to slowly experience it. If you also have old people and children in your home, then come and choose a suitable smart door lock ~

(source: official official account of Samsung smart lock)




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