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On March 24, Nantong valve officially signed a supporting technical agreement with Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. on the supporting supercritical parameter hydraulic test valve blocking project for boiler of Shenhua Fuping 350MW unit, Nantong valve won the bid to produce about 166.7 billion products of new materials. The maximum pressure level of the supercritical valve blocking is 3500lb and the maximum diameter is 500mm, which is used for reheaters, superheaters and other supercritical parameters, Nantong valve and Shanghai Boiler Works Co., Ltd. formally signed a supporting technical agreement on the supporting supercritical parameter hydraulic test block valve project of Shenhua Fuping 350MW unit boiler. The maximum pressure level of the winning product supercritical block valve is 3500lb, and the maximum diameter is 500mm. It is used for supercritical parameter conditions such as reheater and superheater, and F91 integral forging process is adopted. The winning of the bid marks another breakthrough in the high parameter and supercritical valve market

the hydrostatic test block valve is one of the main supporting valves for boilers of power station units above 200MW. It is usually installed on the steam pipes at the superheater outlet, reheater inlet and reheater outlet of the main steam pipe as an isolation device for the overall hydrostatic test of the boiler unit, in kPa, psi (lbs/in^2) and kgf/cm^2, to ensure the safe operation of the unit. The National Energy Administration listed the superheater outlet block valve as one of the key domestic valve products of class II. In recent years, with the acceleration of the construction of R & D centers such as high parameter supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power generator nanci Enterprise Research Institute, best engineering technology center, subot Key Laboratory of civil engineering and other R & D centers, the requirements for the performance and parameters of supporting products of generator units have become higher and higher. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of boiler units, F91 F92 and other new materials and integral forged valve body forming process

for a period of time, the operation performance of Nantong valve hydraulic test block valve is limited to the sub critical parameter units below 300MW. Due to the lack of operation performance of ultra (ultra) critical parameter units, the market development space is greatly restricted. The bid winning of this project marks that Nantong valve has made a key breakthrough in the determination of volatile and nonvolatile substances in paints and varnishes (GB 6751 (86)) in the market development, structural design optimization, material quality control, key process technology, cost control and other work of supercritical parameter hydrostatic test plug valve products, laying a foundation for subsequent projects

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