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The rapid development of urban gas is an important symbol of urban modernization. The development of urban gas improves the urban environment, facilitates people's life, and promotes the construction of urban infrastructure and the development of social economy. Qinhuangdao gas company has been in operation for decades. There are three kinds of gas sources, i.e. pipeline gas, skid mounted natural gas and liquefied gas, with the goal of realizing environmental protection and high performance of polymer surface materials before 2007. Pipeline natural gas is expected to enter the city by the end of this year. The medium and low pressure pipes in our city crisscross the urban area and extend to every user. The whole urban area is our workshop. The flammable and explosive characteristics of gas determine the arduousness, complexity and importance of our company's work. It can be said that our work is closely related to people's lives. If we do not manage or use it properly, various accidents will occur, giving people's lives and property Complete social stability poses a major threat

this article will discuss common gas accidents and preventive measures with you in combination with the safe operation of gas in our city and the safe use of gas users. In combination with all kinds of accidents, large and small, that have occurred in the operation of the pipeline for more than ten years, they can be summarized as follows

I. what are the accidents prone to happen to the outdoor pipes of gas pipelines

1. For the gas pipeline laid in the living quarters or sidewalks, due to factors such as the reconstruction of the residential quarters or the repeated passing of illegal super large vehicles, the gas pipeline bears heavy load pressure, resulting in fracture and accident. For example, Lianzhuang community is a newly-built living area. For the pipelines that have passed the strong pressure and air tightness tests, the leakage occurred on the same day of ventilation. It was found that when the pipelines were completed, the three supplies and one leveling project in the community had not been completed. Due to the frequent access of heavy vehicles, the newly built pipelines broke under the pressure of heavy load, resulting in leakage. No greater accident was caused due to the timely discovery. On August 12, 2001, there was a 100kg stone on the inlet pipe flange at the east side of unit 4, building 25, Li, which caused the flange to sink and leak

2. The frozen soil layer changes abnormally in spring, which is more prone to dangerous situations. With the change of the stress of the frozen thawed soil layer, the buried gas pipelines, especially the connecting parts, are easy to be damaged, resulting in gas leakage. It is worth noting that the leaked gas is not scattered into the outdoor air, but can print the current experimental data and the average value of the experiment. It flows into the residential building from the gutters of heating, water supply and drainage, electricity, communication and other underground cracks. If the gas is poisoned, people will be suffocated and explosion will be caused if the natural gas reaches a certain limit. Over the years, this has happened almost every year. On May 22, 2001, the medium voltage DN300 connecting sleeve in front of 6 buildings in Section 3 of Yaohua new village was broken, and 3 people in the room of section 3 were poisoned. On january27,2000, the low-pressure inlet pipe of unit 3, building 15, Binhe Road was broken. Due to the change of soil layer in spring, the pipeline was broken, and the gas rushed into the building from the heating trench, resulting in one death and three mild poisoning

3. In recent years, the urban old city reconstruction, road widening and new living areas have sprung up. Each year, there are dozens to hundreds of construction sites involving gas pipelines. Some of the same construction sites will have construction damage accidents one after another, resulting in pipeline injuries due to brutal construction. Due to the seasonal characteristics in the north, some construction units carry out construction in the spring, while some units do not go through the construction permit formalities according to the relevant regulations. When the location of underground gas and other pipelines is unknown, large excavation equipment is used to force the barbaric construction and cut off the underground gas pipelines, resulting in injury accidents. On april5,2000, the low-pressure blow off pipe in front of building 31, Beili, east ring road was damaged and broken due to construction, resulting in gas leakage. Due to the weak safety awareness of the construction personnel, the gas rushed into the work shed, resulting in one person's poisoning death. On August 24, 2001, the low-pressure DN300 pipe in front of Building 5 in the west section of Yaohua new village was damaged by the construction shovel, resulting in air leakage and fire. These construction units failed to handle the construction permit procedures as required. The most typical example was at 11:55 on October 28, 2004, a variety of instruments were used in the laboratory tests in the gas plant. A sudden construction power failure accident caused the city to stop gas supply. All the staff spontaneously returned to their posts, held an emergency meeting, and comprehensively launched the city's gas stop rescue plan. At the same time, subtitles were publicized on television. Everyone in the company and the two institutes was waiting, Be responsible for patiently explaining to users. Other personnel go to all communities and Gongfu users to publicize and post gas cut-off notices. The personnel of the engineering department are on standby to prepare for rescue and repair of secondary emergencies. 16: The gas supply was restored at 22:30, and the personnel of each group in different residential areas conducted inspection layer by layer while igniting the fire until 22:30 p.m. During this period, a total of 4 meter bursts and 6 gas leaks were handled, and our company eliminated major potential safety hazards caused by gas shutdown without serious adverse effects

II. There are three kinds of common indoor gas accidents

1. Residents decorate, refit privately, use gas facilities, and cause 30% of indoor accidents. On March 20, 1998, two users in Xinjian village were poisoned. The leakage was caused by the user changing the line without permission, resulting in air leakage of the movable joint in front of the meter. A household on the sixth floor of yanxili ignited a fire without permission, causing a meter explosion accident. Fortunately, no one was injured. When the kitchen of a user in Dongshan street was decorated, his son felt that the gas hose was in the way when he asked someone to decorate it, so he cut it off. After the decoration, he didn't explain to the old man. At noon, the old man opened the valve in front of the stove, lit the fire while cooking, and left. He couldn't confirm whether the fire was on, resulting in a painful lesson of one death and one poisoning

2. Accidents caused by improper use by users account for 50% of indoor accidents. On October 24, 1999, one person was poisoned in a user's home in tuanjieli. Because the rubber hose had been spinning on the ground for a long time, the gas hose was sometimes trampled in and out, resulting in gas leakage from the broken hose. On April 1, 1999, the old couple in Shandong were poisoned and died when they slept at night. The reason was that the stove was not turned off, resulting in gas leakage. Some users do not replace the cooker, water heater, alarm and rubber hose that have reached the service life in time, resulting in heavy losses

III. in view of the above problems, urban gas pipelines have the characteristics of openness (laid in the streets and alleys of the city), concealment (re underground), danger (gas leakage is very easy to cause accidents) and continuity. Therefore, in order to ensure its safe operation, relevant parties must attach great importance to it and take corresponding measures

1. Strict construction management and engineering supervision. The requirements for pipeline design, trench excavation, foundation, backfilling, pipeline laying and acceptance shall strictly comply with the specifications for engineering design and construction, and strictly control the parts and acceptance layer by layer. In combination with experience and lessons, try to avoid the same accident twice. It has a professional and standardized patrol inspection and emergency repair team, increases the intensity and density of patrol inspection around the gas pipeline and key sections, equipped with necessary detection instruments, combined with the characteristics of the operation time at the construction site, pays attention to the large-scale mechanical operation at night, especially the construction supervision close to the gas pipeline. Of course, it is very important to strengthen the horizontal contact and inform the necessary gas safety knowledge when handling the construction permit

2. Our company has taken great measures to solve the problem of easily broken cast iron pipes at the connecting parts due to changes in geological conditions, actively selecting new materials, laying new technologies and transforming urban gas pipes, replacing all the original cast iron pipes with new pipes such as welded steel pipes and PE plastic pipes, and also in order to cooperate with the arrival of natural gas

3. Strengthen safety production protection facilities, increase investment, strengthen management, organize the preparation or revision of various emergency plans, and effectively improve the ability of each department to deal with emergencies

4. In order to ensure the safety of citizens and users, improve users' safety awareness, popularize safety knowledge, and strengthen publicity, we have made safety knowledge into cards. The theme is that gas leakage is too dangerous. What should we do if the guards call the police to ensure safety? And other related knowledge


with the mediation, resolution and upgrading of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on

the safe operation of urban fuel cutting is a huge and complex system project, which requires legal, administrative, economic and other means, relying on the care and support of the government and the whole society. We should also rely on all the employees of our gas company, in the spirit of being highly responsible for the society, the enterprise and ourselves, firmly believe that there is no limit to the feelings of investment, continuous service innovation, and conscientiously do a good job in various work, so as to ensure the safe operation of the management and reassure the citizens and users

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