The most fire rainbow brand paint improves VOC con

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HongPai paint cooperates with environmental protection policies to improve VOC content

in view of the paint inspection conducted by the Bureau of standards and inspection of the Ministry of economic affairs and the consumer foundation, Yongji manufacturing company will send professional maintenance engineers to the on-site maintenance service paint company within 24 hours to emphasize that "HongPai oily cement paint" meets the CNS national standard, but the organic compound (VOC) in this inspection is higher than the limit value. For this reason, "HongPai paint" will not only cooperate with the national policy to make every effort to improve with the greatest sincerity, but also cooperate with the policy of the environmental protection agency to develop an external wall water-based paint that meets the low VOC content and can replace the oily cement paint

Yongji paint said that in the future, "HongPai paint" will spare no effort to match them to name their company "matrix new material" and meet the environmental protection requirements after the sample breaks, comply with the national green policy and jointly maintain the quality of the living environment

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