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-- a successful printer in design, digital printing and binding

(will binding and finishing your product in house bring happy returns)

jeff Holloway dreamed of becoming a successful printer one day when he was a teenager. Today, at the age of 30, his dream has come true. He has become the boss and design director of pinnacle printing & Design Inc., Sherwood, ar.'s fastest-growing company

holloway's first job in his career was working in a local newspaper, responsible for inputting classified ads on Macintosh, and then worked in a traditional express shop for some time

Holloway's next job was at an insurance company. The company had many printing sources, so it established an internal printing workshop. Holloway was the only printing operator at that time. From this experience, he learned the true meaning that only when he finished printing can he get higher profits. Therefore, I am determined to set up my own printing factory and give full play to all the skills I have learned

In 1994, Holloway bought the insurance company's printing plant. He rearranged the workshop, increased investment and established Pinnacle printing & Design Inc. At that time, the small company had only two operators and had the most basic rapid printing equipment, including an offset press, a camera and some prepress tools. In addition to quick printing, Holloway likes to design company logos for other small businesses in the community

since its inception, Holloway hopes to provide customers with one-stop services for printing and document processing, that is, a complete solution from creative consulting to post press processing. He has an ambitious development plan. But at that time, he did not have enough technical foundation and financial support to realize the plan

in the first two years of pinnacle's establishment, about half of the printing was from the door-to-door business of neighboring enterprises, and the other half was mostly outsourcing business. Although the development scale of the company is limited, it has formed a foundation to have a number of loyal customers. In 1998, Jeff's father Jerry joined the company and became the company's main management personnel. Subsequently, the company first invested in a batch of post press processing equipment, including a page dispenser, a horse riding binding machine, a folding machine and an indentation machine. In order to keep up with the rapid growth of the on-demand printing market, the company also began to strive to turn to digital printing and purchased Xerox and Toshiba digital color printing machines. At this time, the company has three offset printing machines, two of which are CKS printing machine (a black-and-white printing machine, a two-color printing machine) and a multilith two-color printing machine

the prepress work of the company is completed on its own Macs and PCs, and it is particularly proud of its excellent design level. It has its own darkroom, which can complete various types of prepress work

the company gradually began to gain more commercial profits and provide professional services, from the non-profit group to various financial institutions despite the rising market in the downstream steel market. Increased the number of operators and equipment, and reached the peak of five offset presses

holloway appreciates his success as an entrepreneur and his development concept as a printing consultant. However, he is still dissatisfied with himself and believes that a truly perfect enterprise has not been established, and there are still many printing jobs to be sent out for outsourcing processing. In addition, the current operation of the company is not as efficient and flexible as he hoped. In particular, the printing hours can not meet the customer's requirements so quickly. In fact, the company's printing operators also want to speed up the printing hours, but the existing printing machines and binding equipment can not provide the required automation and production speed. Therefore, Holloway is very concerned about such issues as too long printing setup time, unstable printing quality, high failure rate and overloaded work of operators. He believes that the company needs to upgrade its printing hardware, but hopes to get the best return on its investment

pinnacle's unexpected turnaround occurred in early 2000. A local customer, Charles Smythe, told Holloway that he needed to print a batch of labels for his Smythe & 4 Episode associates new trading company in Little Rock. As Halloway has always had a good relationship with customers, he once talked with Mr. Smythe about his business plan, especially the challenges faced by the company in terms of printing hours and operators. Smythe made a basic assessment of pinnacle's existing equipment and advised Holloway that if Pinnacle is equipped with more advanced, diversified and easy-to-operate printing and post press processing equipment, it will achieve better profits. Therefore, Holloway purchased a new standard SD400 digital printer from the very beginning

pinnacle's operators soon put the digital printing machine into use, undertook various printing activities such as newsletters, postcards, menus, envelopes, etc., and used a variety of printing materials × 2.9 inches up to 12.7 × 17.6 inch color printing of various sizes and specifications. In addition, SD400 digital printer has also been used to print at least 40 prints and at most 120000 prints. Only six months after the new equipment was put into use, 600000 pages have been printed. Its printing capacity can reduce the number of offset presses used by the company

within the next six months, the company accepted symthe's advice and purchased three sets of post press binding equipment from the same manufacturer. They are a page dispenser, a special booklet binding machine and a folding machine. In order to make the workflow more smooth, all binding machines are installed as close to the SD400 digital printer as possible. The rationalization of the printing process also enabled Pinnacle to maximize the use of the production workshop

in the past, the company's operators had to manually handle the function of the torque tester. The torque tester, as a page for a precision instrument print, has a maximum size of 8.5 × 14 inches. In contrast, the newly purchased qc-p10 desktop page dispenser is fully automated, which can handle various types of substrate materials, and the machining size is up to 12.4 × 17 inches, with page speed up to 330 per hour, such as abs0 sets

qc-p10 can also be processed online with F4 bookletmaker booklet binding machine. The floor mounted F4 bookletmaker binding equipment can fold and bind up to 25 pages, and can process 1800 pamphlets per hour

pinnacle's newly upgraded post press processing equipment is pfp-320 folding machine. The desktop folding machine can perform high-speed folding of 190 pages per minute, and can automatically complete 6 types of folding formats, mainly letter folding, half folding, parallel double folding, engineering folding, Z-folding and large sheet folding

after these investments, Pinnacle plans to double its output value this year. At present, 90% of the company's customers are local customers, and several of them have large business contracts with the company. In addition to Jeff and Jerry, the company employs 6 operators

the company can now print and process almost all types of products, from financial forms to business cards, from advertising leaflets to mail services, as well as program lists, labels and certificates. At present, only about 5% of the company's work needs outsourcing processing, mainly four-color printing

jerry proudly recalled that the company was only a successful small-scale traditional printer a year ago, but it has successfully seized the opportunity to step up to a new level and become a new printer with more combinations, full service and on-demand printing. Today, Pinnacle can provide faster printing services, better printing quality and make customers more satisfied

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