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When buying a sink for a wash basin, you must buy one that is easy to clean, otherwise it is easy to have water in the wash basin. The wash basin (wash basin, bathtub, sink, etc.) will inevitably leak or block after long use, or the launching device will not work. In fact, if you master the method, you can easily replace the launching device by yourself. Don't worry, if you are interested in the knowledge of wash basin drainage, you might as well join me to learn about the relevant knowledge of wash basin drainage

when decorating the bathroom, there is great emphasis on the purchase of sanitary ware. Especially in the purchase of sanitary ware in secret areas, take the installation of wash basin drainer as an example. Many people do not understand the installation of wash basin drainer. The quality of the installation of wash basin drainer has a great impact on the later quality of life. Unreasonable installation of wash basin drainer will lead to blocked drainage and odor for a long time. Today I want to share with you the purchase skills of wash basin drainer, Refreshing bathroom is no longer a problem

sink material

1. Plastic sink: this kind of sink is usually made of high-quality PP plastic, which can be bent at will, has good toughness, is almost free of space constraints, and is cheap

2. Stainless steel drainer: stainless steel is the appearance. In fact, this kind of drainer is mostly made of stainless steel and ABS engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, convenient installation, fastening and durability, long service life and so on. The price is slightly higher than that of plastic basin drainer

shape of sink in wash basin

1. Linear sink: linear sinks are all “ I ” Shaped design and manufacturing, the surface is mostly corrugated design, so you can bend at will and reduce the constraints of space

2. S-shaped downcomer: this kind of basin downcomer is commonly known as odor proof downcomer. Its shape is more beautiful, and its surface is also designed with water ripple. Compared with the straight-line downcomer, the bendability of S-shaped downcomer can be ignored

notes on the purchase of sink in wash basin 1: types of sink in wash basin

there are several types of sink in wash basin, the first one is pull-up type, and later there are flip plate and bounce type, etc. Generally speaking, these sinks have been used for a long time. If they are not cleaned in time, due to the accumulation and adhesion of dirt, their mechanical properties are not very easy to use. The old-fashioned pull-up drainer is not commonly used now. Now we should choose the one that can take out the whole inner core and put it back after cleaning, which is convenient for cleaning

the bouncing downcomer looks very good, but after using it for a period of time, you need to screw down the downcomer and scrub the dirt on it with detergent, so as to ensure that the water flows smoothly into the sewer; There is a disadvantage of such a water trap. This kind of water trap dedicated to ceramic pots is very difficult to find. It is generally a water trap of glass pots. The ceramic water trap has a drain under the pipe. Some suppliers make a hole in the glass water trap and sell it as a water trap of ceramic pots. The opening of such a modified glass downcomer is much shorter. If the ceramic basin is relatively thick, it will lead to the failure of the lower turnbuckle, so it can only be screwed on with a hexagonal turnbuckle, but it is not firm and easy to loosen after installation, so it is best not to choose this kind of downcomer

notes on the purchase of hand basin downcomer 2: precautions for the purchase of drainage pipe

the drainage pipe water of hand basin is a metal downcomer with a section of threaded pipe in the middle, which can be bent and inserted, and the installation is very easy; It's best not to buy threaded pipes, which are easy to hide dirty things; Now there is a ready-made Plastic Sewer with water return bend on the market. Although it is cheap, its quality is very poor, and it is easy to leak water. In addition, if there are rats at home, the sewer will be bitten by rats, which is very annoying

note 3 on the purchase of sink for wash basin: the best sink for wash basin is a 32 tube combination with an odor proof square box. This kind of sink is not only of good quality, but also has a particularly good adjustment of distance and height. It is very easy to install, especially the open and hidden ones are beautiful. The price is a little more expensive, but it is very convenient to use

installation method of wash basin sink

the installation of wash basin sink is also a very simple thing. The installation of wash basin sink is generally the last step after the wash basin sink and wash basin are installed and fixed, and it is also the last step in the whole process of wash basin installation. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Ensure that the basin and the basin drain have been installed

2. Unpack the water container of the basin you bought

3. One end of the basin drain is specially connected with the basin drain. Screw off the plastic head at this end

4. Screw the unscrewed plastic head onto the sink of the basin

5. Put the basin sink on the basin sink and tighten it with the plastic head screwed on the sink in advance

6. Drain the water to test whether there is water leakage. If there is leakage, wrap the raw material belt at the connection between the downcomer and the downcomer, and then proceed to the fifth step

7. There is also a copper nut screwed on the bottom of the wash basin with the rubber ring, and then put the porcelain plate on the wash basin, that is, a rubber ring and nut are clamped between the porcelain basin and the wash basin

8. Screw the nut on the bottom of the washstand panel, that is, the rubber ring is clamped between the porcelain basin and the panel, and the nut is at the bottom of the washstand panel

how to replace the sink in the wash basin when it is broken

tools/raw materials

sink, universal pliers, raw material belt, glass glue


prepare universal pliers (the stroke of the ordinary wrench is not enough to disassemble the sink)

wrap the raw material belt around the sink, which can be wrapped a little thicker. The raw material belt can strengthen the tightness of the pipe thread and prevent water leakage. (the downcomer has two sealing rings, one at the upper part of the water tank and one at the lower part of the water tank, and the raw material sheet is wrapped between the two sealing rings)

the lower sealing ring is coated with glass glue (the sealing between the lower sealing ring and the ceramic is not very good, and glass glue is needed to strengthen the anti-seepage function)

screw the copper nut with a universal pliers at the lower part of the hand washing plate. (generally, it is counterclockwise when disassembling and clockwise when installing)

install the connecting section between the downcomer and the drain pipe

drain water into the pool, and check whether the tightness and drainage are good, and whether the basin bottom is leaking

editor's summary: the above is the relevant knowledge introduction of the purchase and installation methods of the water dispenser in the wash basin. I hope it can help friends who need it in this regard! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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