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Everyone has precious photos. These photos are full of instant memories of different periods. Seeing the photos can't help but open people's minds Once, photos were placed in photo albums, and people occasionally look at them when they are free. Now, people who pursue personality boldly use photos in home decoration. Although they are not as expensive as furniture, they can reflect the style of a family and reflect the master's cultivation. Photos have played a key role in modern home decoration. Poetic cloud "e; There is no need for room elegance, and the fragrance of flowers is not much ". The use of photos is not much, but the essence. The trick is to adjust measures to local conditions and turn stones into gold. From the perspective of viewing, only one theme and one style can be expressed in the same viewing space. 1. In the layout of the living room, it is better to choose less than more. A large-size photo is suitable to be placed on the main wall of the hall. The higher the artistic level, the more the identity of the owner can be improved. The style of the picture frame and photo should be unified with the furniture style in the hall, and the color can be bright and bright, becoming the visual center. Because the work is large, it should not be too high. The bottom line is higher than the back of the sofa. 2. The corner of the corridor is very suitable for arranging photos of life. You can hang several photos of different periods at the same time and hang them in parallel at an equal distance to form a coherent whole, which is both beautiful and conducive to appreciation. The lighting effect will be better if there is a spotlight above. 3. The workshop is a space full of vitality and personality. The decorative photos placed should not be confined to any form. It's good to be indomitable or full of walls, and they can be changed often, or they can be simply pasted on the ceiling, forming a strong visual impact. 4. The bedroom is a private personal space. Don't stick to the content of photos. If you like them, it's the best. Some hang photos in their bedrooms, and some put their own alternative photos. In short, you should feel relaxed every time you enter the bedroom. This is the human space. 5. Photo decoration can also effectively cover up the ugliness. Pictures can be used to cover up damaged walls and ugly plugs, killing two birds with one stone. 6. To decorate photos at home is to stick the best business card to your home. Without introduction, you can see at a glance who is the owner of this house. 7. Single photos and symmetrical photos are better placed separately. If multiple photos with different specifications are put together, you need skills




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