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The boss is the core figure of the company, and the boss is the highest leadership in the company. In a company, the boss's decision-making can be said to be related to the operation and development of the whole company, so we must be careful about the layout of the boss's office feng shui; So what is the general knowledge of Feng Shui about the decoration of the boss's office? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

explain the general knowledge of Feng Shui in the decoration of the boss' office

explain the eight general knowledge of Feng Shui in the decoration of the boss' office

first, avoid rushing and braking

if there is a road directly in front of the office building where the office is located, or there are electric poles, transformers, chimneys, sharp corners of the building, doors or windows, it is called "rushing and braking". If the office building is far away from the "Chong Sha", it will not cause much trouble. However, for the sake of safety, it is also necessary to put a Tulle curtain cover in the window or dissolve it with a Feng Shui Evil Mirror

second, choose a good neighbor

feng shui theory believes that the environmental field has a direct impact on the human field. The office building where the office is located should try to avoid being near temples, prisons, etc

third, take me as the center

there is a sentence in Feng Shui called "love between mountains and water". You can regard tall buildings as mountains, roads and overpasses as water. Mountains and water should be protected around me, forming a superior Feng Shui pattern of front rosefinch, rear basalt, left Qinglong and right white tiger. In other words, the building in front should be farther and lower; The buildings behind should be closer and higher; There is a river or a road with slow traffic flow on the left; The building on the right should not exceed the height of the building where you are located. If there is a park, lawn or calm lake in front of the building where you are located, then this should be regarded as the upper wind and water

IV. there are 5 pages in total. Page 1: 12345. The next page is the boss' office, preferably a suite, with a clerk in the outer room. The outer room should be small, accounting for one third of the entire office area, while the inner room should account for two thirds. Waiting spaces are set outside to gather people. The door of the middle wall between the inside and outside should not be set in the central part, but should be set near the entrance of the overall office. Prevent the direct release of wealth in the boss's room, and form a Feng Shui pattern of "Qu Zeqing". On the wall of the outer clerk's room, there are enterprise operation drawing boards, flow charts, etc., which give guests an intuitive understanding of the enterprise and facilitate the next communication with the boss. The clerk should have more flowerpots and scenery in the room to protect the freshness of the indoor air and make the guests feel happy. The wall in the middle of the inside and outside should not use transparent glass, but should have a closed effect, producing a mysterious and implicit atmosphere effect

v. highlight the status of the host and prevent turning away from the guest.

all indoor decorations and facilities, including a flowerpot and a pendant, should be reflected in the principle of being used by me. The sofa should be placed in a U-shaped shape, with the mouth facing the boss's desk, forming a centripetal force and cohesion

VI. better lighting

if there are glass windows on both sides of the boss's office, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause mental weakness and fatigue of indoor people. The window with poor scenery outside the window should be closed with blinds. If the office has a window on one side, the window can face east, South and West, but it should not face north. Because the north is the Kan palace, the Lord works divination. Yin Qi is heavy, Yang Qi is difficult to rise, and the pressure of career is great. If it is already a window facing north, then the desk should not be too close to the window. Indoor layout, walls or sofas, bookshelves, etc. should use warm colors, or more red colors, to make up for the lack of Yang

VII. The layout style should reflect the boss's temperament and character

the Feng Shui layout of the office is different from that of the home. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decisions and occupy a favorable position in business negotiations. Sofa, hanging pictures and decorations should be selected with momentum, so that foreign guests can look up rather than down. All these arrangements should be unified in the gossip orientation and color style required by the boss's own destiny

VIII. The seat and orientation of the boss' desk

the boss' desk should not be facing the door directly or back to the door. This is called "six flushes". "Six impulses" have the effect of aggravating contradictions and making everything impossible. Indoor bosses with strong lighting should be farther away from the window, and those with weak lighting should be closer. The size of the boss' desk should be determined according to the size of the indoor space and the size of the boss himself, and the proportion should be harmonious

explain in detail what common sense is there about Feng Shui in the boss' office

the area of Feng Shui in the boss' office

Li Ka Shing's office area is only about 20 square meters. Therefore, all bosses should also pay attention to that they can't just pursue the effect of style and make their office big. Generally, the size of 15 to 25 square meters is enough. Too large an office is not conducive to the accumulation of wind and gas. If you don't gather your own wealth and gas, the enterprise naturally can't develop

table and chair placement of Feng Shui in the boss's office

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1 12345 the next page we all say that the most important thing for career development is to rely on the mountain, because only with the mountain can we be stable. Therefore, when placing tables and chairs, we must pay attention to the fact that the chairs should be backed by the solid wall. But it doesn't mean that it must be placed against the wall. It's best to leave a distance of about a foot. In this way, the boss can turn around at will, which also symbolizes that there is more than enough to advance and retreat in his career, and he will not force himself into a dead end

Feng Shui door of the boss's office

first of all, the door of the office can't face the desk and chair directly, otherwise it will produce a shock, which is detrimental to development

secondly, pay attention to the position of opening the door. Don't open the door on the rear wall of the seat, otherwise it will lead to defenseless behind and easy to be framed by villains. And there is a door behind, so the movement is relatively large, affecting the stability of the backer

finally, the best position to open the door in the boss' office should be the right front of the desk and chair

location of Feng Shui in the boss' office

generally speaking, the boss' office is the core and backer of the enterprise, so it should be placed at the end of the whole office area. Because the rear is quiet, only by ensuring the stability of the boss's fortune can other employees have opportunities for development. Moreover, if you put the boss' office at the back, you should also note that the access from the company gate to the office cannot be blocked too much. Although it is appropriate to whirl in Feng Shui, it should also be smooth

finally, in the boss' office, we must pay attention to the position of wealth and Wenchang, so as to continuously gather our wealth. And never put the sofa used to receive guests on the financial position, otherwise customers will take away their wealth. As for office feng shui, I hope all bosses should also pay attention to learning and decorate their own fortune office according to Feng Shui requirements. (Feng Shui)

explain in detail the common sense of Feng Shui in the boss' office

first, the door of the boss' office is best opened in the front left of the seat. In terms of entering the door, it is in the front right, because most of our walking habits are on the right. Or the gate position can be based on the auspicious position of this life, that is, anger, longevity, natural medicine, Fu position. Or choose the prosperous gas level, that is, due south, northeast and West. If the above three are in line, it is the best choice, otherwise it can be adjusted to local conditions

second, it should be in the high-level

the offices of the general manager and the manager should be separated from each other and should not coexist in one room, which is prone to power confrontation, difficult coordination and independent opinions. At the same time, the number of floors in the boss's room should not be too large. It is not easy to gather Qi. If you are lonely, your business will decline. Never make the room bigger and more imposing. Of course, it is not suitable to be too small, which means that it is difficult to expand business and the pattern development is limited. The general manager's office and the business supervisor's office should preferably be located on a higher floor

there are five pages in total. Page 12345 on the first page, the moving line into the president's office room should also be smooth. Although most of the chairman's and supervisor's rooms are behind, the moving line from the gate to the room should not be crooked, or sundries hinder the detour, or the winding path is dark and dark. It is difficult for wealth to enter the room, so there are many business difficulties

third, the office is preferred. The location of the boss's office is the most important and the key to the success or failure of the enterprise. In principle, it is best to be in the rear of the company, just like the commander of the army controlling the command and scheduling behind. It is easier to control employees, and employees will be more dedicated. On the contrary, if the position of the boss or high-level is set near the door, it will be like a small soldier fighting in front of the front, resulting in the phenomenon of monarchy, labor and ease. The boss is always pro, and the employees are more passive and have no sense of identity with the company. The position of the chairman of the board can be set in the northwest, because the northwest is the position of "Qian" divination, and Qian divination takes the image of the principal

generally speaking, the higher the position, the more backward the design configuration of the office room, just like the placement of the banking industry. The front line is the counter clerk, assistant manager, manager, etc., and the higher the position, the more backward the seat. Because the banking industry wants to serve the public and be close to the public, most of them have no compartments and have little impact. However, in general companies and enterprises, managers should have cubicles so that the entire office will not be empty and alienated due to "solitary Yin and solitary Yang". Moreover, at a glance, the boss and general manager have no privacy when making decisions, and are vulnerable to the leakage of villains and company business secrets

the position of the leadership office is the most important part of enterprise Feng Shui and the key to the success or failure of the enterprise. In particular, the elements of "geographical advantage" are often ignored by business owners, and often lead to the decline and collapse of the whole enterprise due to the disadvantage of "geographical advantage". Therefore, if the president's office creates a good feng shui, the development of the enterprise will also be strong

there are 5 pages in total, page 1 12345 next page

the bathroom also has a lot of stress in Feng Shui. When arranging the bathroom, pay attention to the feng shui of the bathroom, so as to make the family live more comfortable. Then what are the Feng Shui taboos in the bathroom? Let's have a look

1. The bathroom door should not be opposite to the stove position

the door of the bathroom should not be opposite to the stove position. The five elements of the bathroom belong to water, which is the place to excrete filthy gas, while the five elements of the kitchen stove belong to fire, which is the place to cook things. Its nature is completely different. Water and fire are incompatible, which is not conducive to family luck

2. Bathroom facilities should not be irregular shape

the choice of bathroom facilities is very particular. The shape of the bathtub is rectangular or circular, and regular pentagon and hexagon can also be used, but triangle or irregular shape should not be used, which is detrimental to users

3. The bathroom should not be located in the center of the house

the center of the house should be transparent and spacious, and should not be used as a space for accumulating dirt such as the bathroom. When the bathroom is in the center of the house, the moisture and filth in the bathroom will spread to other rooms in the house, which is easy to cause family illness and is extremely detrimental to health. If the bathroom is already located in the center of the house, it is best to redecorate and adjust it

4. The direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house

the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house. For example, the direction of the door of the house faces south, so when people sit on the toilet, if they look south, they will violate the taboo that the toilet is in the same direction as the house, which may lead to health problems for family members

5. Do not flush the door of the toilet

do not flush the door of the toilet with any door of the house, especially not





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