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For many single Wuhan decoration owners, garden houses are ideal residences, villas are the ultimate residences, and small houses are suitable youth residences. How are the singles who are going to decorate small houses going to decorate their love nest? Next, Wuhan puqiang decoration designer will teach you to make more efforts in functional design and make clever use of space

try to use simple style

Wuhan puqiang decoration designer said that most people who buy houses now are young people born in the late 1970s or early 1980s, belonging to the petty bourgeoisie. Small houses usually have two bedrooms and one living room or three bedrooms, with small area and compact space. Therefore, Wuhan decoration owners can choose a simple style when decorating, and there is no need to make it very complicated. But we must design it more personalized. In addition, young people have many friends and like to be lively. The division of public spaces such as living rooms and private spaces such as bedrooms can be less obvious

Wuhan puqiang decoration designer believes that the living room must be decorated brightly, with good lighting and ventilation, which can fully reflect the owner's personality, cultivation, sentiment and hobbies. Making the whole space look energetic and imposing can enhance the owner's self-confidence. How well the house is decorated is related to the "face" of the owner. Therefore, the design should not only meet the owner's use needs, but also reflect the owner's personality requirements as a whole

replace the porch with a shoe cabinet

set the porch for decoration. This is the initial feeling of guests entering the family from the complex outside. It can be said that the porch design is the concentration of the designer's overall design idea. It plays a role of finishing the point in the room decoration, and can make the guests have the feeling of brightening their eyes as soon as they enter the door. In consideration of practicality and budget, the designer suggests using shoe cabinets instead of porches. Although the price of the shoe cabinet is more expensive than the porch screen, it is more practical and cost-effective. Most importantly, it also saves the cost of the porch screen

reasonable spatial layout

generally, when the developer hands over the key of the house to the owner, the division of the house type in the house has been basically completed, and the functional areas have been delineated. However, it is undeniable that the original indoor distribution pattern has more or less defects in the eyes of designers, so it is necessary to re plan the space, especially for small houses with limited space, and re planning the space is essential. Take the popular large living room for example, most owners don't have many opportunities to meet guests at home. The extra living room space can be used for other purposes according to their preferences. For example, those who like watching movies can be used as a movie studio, and those who like painting can be used as a studio. By analogy, if you don't eat much at home, the area of the restaurant can also be compressed. At the same time, the redundant partition walls are removed, and the open large space is adopted, with furniture and screens separating the layers in the middle. Houses below 90 square meters can be designed as three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms, which is the space division method

large windows on white walls

using white as the main indoor color is also a magic weapon to expand the sense of space, because white can give people a feeling of generosity and comfort, and sunlight and light can also add different colors to the walls. A restaurant only 2 meters wide looks quite chic through the combination of white walls and lights. Expanding the area of windows, especially the use of floor to ceiling windows, can also make the room look larger. Many high-rise buildings are only 50 or 60 square meters. Floor to ceiling windows can make use of the vision of high-rise buildings to create a sense of transparency. The designer suggested that the best landscape should be reserved for the indoor activity space, because the curtains should be closed when sleeping

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