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On November 11 and 12, Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, went deep into his front-line contact point -- China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Co., Ltd. and the third General Assembly Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., and held three on-site symposiums, Face to face with the team members, middle-level cadres and front-line employees of the truck Co., Ltd., listen carefully to the real views and personal feelings of the company's grass-roots employees and middle and senior cadres on the "difficult and hot issues" in the current enterprise operation and innovation and upgrading, and encourage the cadres and employees of the truck Co., Ltd. to further unify their ideas, strengthen their confidence, and continue to innovate and upgrade

during the discussion, Ma Chunji spoke highly of the working ideas of the truck joint stock team and the working status of cadres and employees. He said that after two days of research, he had the deepest experience of "four points":

first, he was in a good mental state. In the face of the downward pressure of the overall economy and the decline of production and sales in the whole industry, the leading group of truck Co., Ltd. has united and led all cadres and employees in a unified way, always maintained a vigorous fighting spirit and indomitable spirit of innovation, with clear goals, active arrangements, and a tighter and more practical grasp of all work, so that the overall production and sales level and profitability of the company have always maintained a relatively good operating state in the industry, This is not only valuable, but also the power source for the continuous innovation, upgrading and further development of enterprises

second, at present, the innovation and upgrading activities of truck stock have achieved a good start, and continue to make many gratifying progress: first, truck stock is preliminarily forming the first mover advantage of SINOTRUK intelligent manufacturing in terms of material R & D and transformation and intelligent management system, such as intelligent production twists and turns. It has not only transformed the assembly process and logistics site from point to area, but also in terms of process optimization, process management, performance assessment Cost control, problem management and other aspects have gradually taken shape, which is worth promoting. Second, in terms of cost reduction, efficiency increase and cost control, truck Co., Ltd. overcame many adverse factors this year, realized the continuous improvement of single vehicle profit margin and the continuous reduction of profit and loss balance point, and made important contributions to the market development, new product development and benefit improvement of the group company. Third, the management innovation of truck Co., Ltd. in planning small business units and implementing m business model has achieved results. Through the implementation of small business unit management, everyone cares about the operation of the enterprise, everyone cares about the benefits, and the effective transmission of pressure is achieved. Everyone has pressure, and the pressure is transformed into power. The group company should further investigate and summarize at the end of this year and the beginning of next year, and timely publicize and promote it

third, truck shares have made significant progress in quality improvement and quality control. By carrying out the standard upgrading of "Lean quality line", benchmarking the international first-class heavy truck quality standard and providing active services to customers, the first-time offline pass rate has been greatly improved, and the quality has made great progress, winning the trust and praise of users at the market level. At the same time, it has started to optimize its business model and improve the quality of human resources in an all-round way. It dares to touch the hard with the real, and is moving towards a more scientific and reasonable arrangement

fourth, Party building and corporate culture construction have been further strengthened, and the special education on "three stricts and three practices" has achieved gratifying results

through on-site discussion and in-depth communication, Ma Chunji put forward three requirements for the recent work of truck stock and the work next year:

first, carefully study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, closely link the study of the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important speech with the actual work of the truck company, and combine it with the conception, layout and promotion of the current work of truck stock and the work next year, scientifically judge and study the economic situation and unify our thinking, Strengthen confidence, make up your mind, do solid work, and scientifically promote the innovation and upgrading of truck shares

second, adhere to innovation driven, and study and develop microeconomics with new ideas in innovation and development. First, it is necessary to closely combine intelligence with innovative management, innovative technology and process, improving equipment level, quality and efficiency. According to international standards, truck shares will further improve their management, production and manufacturing level, especially quality control, and play a good demonstration and driving role in the group company. Second, it is necessary to further optimize the production organization, make great efforts in salary distribution and human resources optimization, and further mobilize and give play to the polarity and creativity of all kinds of employees. We should study human resources from an international perspective. According to the goal of creating a world-class enterprise, we should study talent training, optimize human resources, whether the development experience of manufacturers and social resources are widely allocated and whether the knowledge structure is optimized, so as to build an international talent team. Third, in strict accordance with international standards, continue to improve quality

third, we should take a step closer to carry out the special education of "three stricts and three realities", carry out in-depth investigation and research, adhere to the problem orientation, implement the "three stricts and three realities" education to further unify our thinking and understanding, and implement it in all work in the year of brand quality and benefit upgrading, so as to effectively promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of enterprises

wanghaotao, executive deputy general manager of SINOTRUK group, sunchunqing, deputy general manager of the General Administration Department, yangyongqi, director of the Publicity Department of the Party committee, and others participated in the survey

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