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The electronic industry is a business card of Huaikan Township, Changxing County. After more than 30 years of development, a small electronic component has become the engine of local economic development. The township now has more than 70 electronic enterprises, with an annual output of 12billion electronic components. Electronic enterprises led by Zhejiang Qixing capacitor Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Changxing Electronic Factory Co., Ltd. play a leading role in science and technology, and promote the agglomeration and growth of local electronic industries. How this traditional labor-intensive industry can get rid of various constraints and achieve transformation, upgrading and sustainable development has become a difficult problem in front of us. Machine replacement is undoubtedly a good way

entering Zhejiang Changxing Electronics Factory Co., Ltd., a brand-new ceramic casting production line is running in an orderly manner. Caohongguo, deputy general manager of the company, introduced this production line at a cost of 20million yuan. Caohongguo is full of confidence in this production line, because it can double the output, halve the number of employees, and smoothly realize the effect of replacing people with machines

the machine replacement project of Changxing electronics factory is divided into three phases, with a total investment of 100million yuan, and the annual output value of the enterprise can reach 200million yuan after the project is completed

in the production workshop of Zhejiang Qixing capacitor Co., Ltd., rows of machines are operating in order, and only a few workers are operating in the huge workshop. Yangwenrong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that in the early stage, the enterprise introduced 10 fully automatic enabled welding and taping machines, which brought rich returns to the enterprise. In the next two years, the enterprise plans to invest more than 10million yuan to introduce another 50 such equipment. In addition to the fully automatic energized welding braiding machine, the enterprise has also introduced winding capacitor coating machine, automatic film slitting machine and other advanced equipment to replace the original old machines

with the continuous promotion of machine replacement, the production staff of seven star company has been reduced from 600 at the end of 2012 to 400 at present, and the overall production efficiency has increased by 20%. The concept of "numerical system" in product production: in terms of decimal and 2-in-1, together with the film anti adhesion function 1, it has become the quantitative evaluation target system for the openness of plastic film. The cycle of hexadecimal and BCD code has been significantly shortened, and the product quality has also been significantly improved

the movement of replacing human beings with machines by intelligent automation has been fully carried out in the traditional manufacturing industry of Changxing. In Hisense whirlpool (Zhejiang) Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., the fully automated box foaming line can be operated by only one person, and the output has doubled; Shanghai Huaxin Automobile Rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. (Changxing factory) in order to meet the market demand for plastic covers for automotive batteries, by installing manipulators to improve production efficiency and product quality, Changxing has become one of the enterprises above designated size.

since 2013, focusing on the overall deployment of a strong industrial county, Changxing has actively carried out high-grade to low-grade, advanced to backward, intelligent to manual A four-year action plan for replacing people with machines with green ones. In this process, enterprises have eliminated old-fashioned production equipment and adopted automation equipment that integrates machinery, electronics, control, computers, sensors and artificial intelligence to make the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the central connection of the upper and lower clamps. This machine replacement work focusing on modern technological transformation is becoming an important means to promote Changxing to accelerate the transformation of industrial manufacturing mode, improve the development quality and efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

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