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"Machine replacement" empowers enterprises to resume production

maximize the role of intelligent equipment and robots such as automated production lines, and largely overcome the problem of labor shortage during the epidemic. Thanks to the "machine replacement" strategy over the years, many enterprises above Designated Size in our county have returned to work quickly and orderly, and their production capacity has been released rapidly

in the rotor workshop of Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., nine full-automatic production lines are "fully open", and each process is connected smoothly and orderly. Only a few workers were busy in such a large workshop

"at present, the basic production capacity of our workshop can reach 1million vacuum cleaner motors per month." Fushibiao, manager of the technical department of Zhoushan Chenguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., introduced that the current production capacity requires about 200 workers to operate according to the replacement algorithm of machines for high-end products. However, after the transformation of machine replacement, only 40 to 50 workers are required to achieve it

it is difficult to recruit local workers, return employees from other provinces, and link the industrial chain This is a common puzzle in the current epidemic situation when enterprises return to work. Relying on the "machine replacement" strategy implemented before, Chenguang company has greatly reduced its dependence on human resources. In response to this epidemic, the application of intelligent equipment has shown a strong role

it is understood that the production capacity of Chenguang company has recovered by more than 80%. This month, 1million vacuum cleaners need to be delivered. In the case of staff shortage, the enterprise is still confident to complete the order task

similarly, Zhoushan Shenying filter is a large-scale precision testing instrument Co., Ltd. which gives full play to the respective strengths of the motor. It is also giving full play to the demonstration effect brought by the "machine replacement". Several sets of fully automatic stretching equipment for producing filter housings are developing in the high-efficiency extruder industry and still have a large market space to operate. There are spacious and tidy workshops with few workers

yuqiongyan, office director of Zhoushan Shenying filter Co., Ltd., told us that before the replacement of machines, there were about 70 people in a workshop, and the output was 35000 per day. After the replacement of machines, only fiveorsix people were needed to manage these machines, but the output doubled. The intelligent function of the automated production line that may cause personal injury or even death has been brought into play, and the production capacity of the company has been restored to more than 80%

machines are not afraid of viruses. When people deal with machines, it is easy to do epidemic prevention. Compared with traditional labor-intensive enterprises, the enterprises that took the lead in "replacing people with machines" have taken the initiative to return to work during the epidemic. According to the statistics of the economic and Information Technology Department of the county, up to now, 46 of the 53 Enterprises above Designated Size in the county have released more than 75% of their capacity, accounting for 86.8%. The capacity release rate of Enterprises above Designated Size in our county ranks first in all counties and districts of the city

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