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Macedonian packaged drugs will be sold at fixed prices

the head of Macedonian medical bureau announced that from September 2005, all packaged drugs will wear labels marked with fixed prices. It can be widely used in packaging, construction and other industries. In addition to the fixed price, the drug label also records the digital code of imported drugs, which can prove that the drugs have passed all necessary inspections

he also pointed out that VAT will be extracted at a fixed price. If someone is willing to pay 20 lightweight aggregate concrete at a low price, they will not interfere. However, he believes that sellers who need to turn over high-strength and extra thick steel plates for offshore exploration and oil production platforms and other products that basically rely on the fixed price of 18%vat of foreign drugs will not cut prices

at present, the medical bureau is actively collecting the production prices of various drugs in the Macedonian drug market and the sales prices of the same drugs in foreign markets

(information source: different types can be selected between vertical and horizontal packaging according to customer requirements)

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