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Mahaoxiang: we know what China expects from big airplanes.

as the Asia Pacific president of Honeywell Aerospace Group, the world's largest aircraft engine, equipment, system and service supplier, mark Howes has the ability to speak out clearly. He speaks very methodically. In order to express his meaning more accurately, he uses many key words in his answers with the explanation of attributive clauses, so every sentence is very long. At the same time, in order to enable the listener to better receive information, he specially slowed down his speaking speed, and the loading time was 5min. The words were correct and the cavity was round

in a twinkling of an eye, Ma Haoxiang has been in China for three years. In the past three years, Honeywell moved the Asia Pacific headquarters of aerospace group to Shanghai, and also expanded cooperation with various units in China's aviation field. After providing some parts of flight control system, navigation system and aircraft engine for the new generation regional airliner ARJ21, Honeywell has successively obtained APU (auxiliary power unit and related equipment), wheel and brake components and brake control system (BCS), tires Four large orders for fly by wire flight control system and navigation system

BusinessWeek: COMAC's global procurement competition is fierce this time. In terms of aircraft, wheel and brake, there is competition from French giant SaiFeng, in terms of avionics, there is competition from Collins and Smith under Ge, and in terms of APU and environmental control, how does Honeywell stand out

mahaoxiang: we have not only C919 cooperation with COMAC, but also many other cooperative relationships such as ARJ21. C919 further our cooperation

of course, this successful order comes from our long-term efforts to deepen the Chinese market. In 2007, we moved the Asia Pacific headquarters of Honeywell airlines to Shanghai to focus more on the Chinese market, strengthen research and development in the Chinese market, and increase cooperation with Chinese aviation partners. We have some regular technical cooperation meetings with AVIC, and have a series of discussions and cooperation on ARJ21 technology with COMAC. Of course, we initially cooperated with the predecessor of COMAC, AVIC commercial aircraft. In the ARJ21 project, we mainly cooperated with the flight control system. Through long-term cooperation with AVIC and AVIC 1 commercial aircraft, we have gradually formed a sense of what China expects from the C919 aircraft? We are also better able to help customers because we know their needs better

at the same time, good partners are very important, which will affect the direction and development of the company to a certain extent. Before the C919 large aircraft project, we communicated with local governments and many domestic suppliers to gradually understand the technical strength, expertise and projects of each supplier

COMAC hopes to build an aircraft with certain progressiveness in fuel consumption and economy. They hope to gain a piece of land in the market dominated by Boeing and Airbus. They have their own ideas and unique designs including structures and systems, and also improve their technical capabilities through cooperation with international suppliers

like all companies, COMAC has gained experience and knowledge from past projects. From the ARJ21 project and the cooperation with various companies, COMAC is becoming more and more powerful. C919 is a long-term project. All our partners can expect a beautiful annual financial performance, and all our partners in C919 projects will benefit, just like us

BusinessWeek: in the four orders, Honeywell obtained the orders together with its Chinese partners. For example, your joint venture with Hunan Boyun new material [26.61 -0.34%] Co., Ltd. and Changsha Xinhang wheel brake Co., Ltd. will undertake C919 wheel, brake, brake control system and tire projects. APU is developed in cooperation with Harbin Dong'an engine (Group) Company of AVIC, and the flight control system is jointly developed with AVIC. About C919 project, what are you doing with your partners

mahaoxiang: after COMAC has determined global procurement, we need to communicate with our Chinese partners in the joint venture about product production plan, rights and interests of both parties and future cooperation relationship. At the same time, we also need to communicate with COMAC. COMAC also needs to select and screen global suppliers of similar products. Therefore, this is a very complicated process, which also leads to the fact that the four orders are not determined at the same time

after receiving the order, we entered the next stage of negotiation, which mainly includes three links. The first is the discussion on core technologies. In addition to our partners in China, we also include COMAC engineers. The second link is the sharing of specific interests with Chinese partners and their contributions in cooperation. Since some projects are joint ventures, both parties have to be more active in establishing a sound incentive mechanism. Third, we have to make the main contract with COMAC. Therefore, what we are doing at this stage is to constantly discuss the technical details, further establish a joint venture, and discuss the specific details of the main contract with COMAC

BusinessWeek: two of the four orders for C919 project were obtained through cooperation with AVIC. It seems that the cooperation between the two sides is quite effective

mahaoxiang: during the C919 project, we signed two agreements with AVIC. The first time was on September 6, 2009, Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China, who was visiting the United States, visited the headquarters of Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, we signed a general contract. For the second time, on November 16, 2009, AVIC general manager linzuoming signed a cooperation agreement with Honeywell chairman and CEO Dave Cote to expand the existing cooperation framework and steering committee, establish a team, work together on major aircraft systems, explore joint ventures and other cooperation modes, and hope to provide world-class solutions for C919 aircraft

in fact, the friendly cooperation between Honeywell and China's aviation industry can be traced back to the 1990s. In recent years, the key technologies, equipment and parts provided by Honeywell have been included in the yun12, Xinzhou 60, zhi11 and other aircraft types designed and manufactured by AVIC. At present, AVIC has 30 departments, and we have cooperative relations with 8 of them, especially with 4 departments, including general aviation, transportation team and helicopter team. These four departments have many projects, and a large number of Honeywell personnel work with them. The five major businesses we are doing in China are mainly APU, control system and other key mechanical components; More perfect aviation management system and engine

BusinessWeek: at the end of 2009, Honeywell established an Aviation College in Shanghai. What training does the college provide for customers and partners

mahaoxiang: at present, our two institutes have trained more than 500 students from customers and partner companies. Honeywell China Institute of Aeronautics aims to cooperate with major aviation industry enterprises in China, such as COMAC and AVIC, and use Honeywell's technology and management experience to cultivate talents for China. Our aviation academy 1 must inspect equipment parts and focus on providing tailored advanced training courses for Chinese aviation units, including technical training, certification, project management, six sigma, management ability and leadership training, airworthiness training and comprehensive quality management. In addition to classroom education, the college also provides training, and can provide on-site training according to customer needs. Relying on Honeywell's global resource advantages, our college's teaching staff in China are senior lecturers and trainers from the United States and other countries. At the same time, Honeywell China technology R & D center also provides strong technical support for the college

BusinessWeek: what is the situation in this research and development, which is an important link to test the main performance of the torsion bar? What achievements have been made in China

mahaoxiang: all our R & D personnel are working very hard. In the aviation field, we have 8000 engineers worldwide, including 1200 engineers in Beijing and Shanghai

in the past 50 years, from R & D to design and manufacturing, we have attached great importance to safety, which is one of our basic principles. We have established a database of global flight accidents in the past 50 years. We hope to get some experience and guidance from the data analysis and how to avoid some possible accidents. Of course, compared with the world, China's aviation accident rate is not high. In some aspects, it even performs better than other countries in the world. At present, we are conducting research on flight safety with AVIC and other partners. For example, smart runway and smart landing. During landing, if the aircraft flies too high, too low or too slow, the instrument will give a warning sound to guide the pilot to reach the correct speed and angle. You know, this is very meaningful

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