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Lyon gave buy rating to Xinyi Glass, looking up to HK $9

CLSA gave buy rating to Xinyi Glass (0868. HK), looking up to HK $9; It means that Xinbo has a leading position in the industry, with strong profitability and good cash flow; It means that although it faces the risks of slowing demand and increasing industrial capacity, with China's strengthening environmental protection control, it is beneficial to the long-term development of clean energy industries such as leading enterprises; On a vegetable field in the village, its electronic glass performance was successful, the discrete production data increased slightly, the price of float glass improved and the solar glass business expanded, all of which were positive; It is expected that the profit growth in fy14 will slow down due to the split of the solar glass business - Xinyi solar energy (0968. HK), but will accelerate again in fy15; Refers to the current price of the stock 14/15 annual P/E ratio 11. 6/9。 3 times, attractive valuation

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