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In 2018, there will be a blowout in mergers and acquisitions in the global telecommunications and technology industry

according to the report released by Baker McKenzie, a world-renowned international law firm, in cooperation with the Oxford School of economics, in 2018, the scale of mergers and acquisitions in the global telecommunications and technology industry will increase from us $295billion last year to US $648billion. At the same time, the scale of initial public offerings (IPOs) will rise from US $21.6 billion last year to US $45.5 billion this year

these two figures will decline slightly in the next few years, but the M & A and IPO activities in 2020 will still increase compared with 2017. From a regional perspective, the growth of M & A in Europe will double in 2018. Although Latin America, Africa and the Middle East have a small base, they will also start to grow, which is expected to quadruple

Matthew gemello, partner of Baker McKenzie in Palo Alto, said that innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, network security and big data are driving M & A activities. Many companies that focus on using customer data will be interested in acquiring competitors and technologies to attract more customers

the report also revealed that more cross sectoral transactions will be expected this year. Because this represents the continuous integration of traditional industries and technologies, enterprises are fighting to maintain competitiveness. The combination of rapid innovation and continuous promotion of vertical integration creates new opportunities for increasing M & A activities

it is expected that there will be a significant rise in the next year when the United States and the European Union are worried about easing policies. Several trends of embedding new technologies across fields, coupled with active investment in technology companies in emerging markets such as China and Saudi Arabia, indicate strong trading activity in 2018. In fact, in 2018, with the efforts of the Chinese government to promote the listing of technology companies, the global technology and telecommunications industry is expected to promote the rebound of global IPO activities

Charles whitefoord, partner of Baker McKenzie in London, said: "many companies are sitting on huge amounts of cash. Technology companies are under pressure to deploy this money or return it to shareholders."

Tom rice, a capital market partner of Baker McKenzie in New York, suggested that "providing aging technology investments or spin offs that need to be sold by established private equity funds will help stimulate mergers and acquisitions and IPOs."

baker McKenzie global chairman Paul Rawli tested the insulation data according to the national standard GB 5237.6 (2) 012 aluminum alloy building profiles Part 6: thermal insulation, GBT 28289 (2) 012 aluminum alloy thermal insulation profiles composite performance test method. If the elongation exceeds 1000%, the stroke of 1000 or 1200mm can be selected Nson added: "as long as global free trade is not affected, we expect M & A and IPO activities to rise, because dealmakers and investors have greater confidence in the business prospects of acquisition targets and newly listed companies."

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