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Ma'anshan huawang New Material Co., Ltd. selected Asiatic Paper Equipment Co., Ltd. as its rewinder supplier. On June 19, Asiatic Paper Equipment Co., Ltd. was very honored to announce that it has once again cooperated with Chinese customer huawang group to sign a supply contract for e-wind P-100 rewinder, which is planned to be shipped in January 2020 and will be installed in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, the production base

the speed of the contract rewinding locomotive is 2300m/min. The mother machine can meet its own needs and even the world's proven Solvay tecnoflon pl855 fluororubber (FKM) also gives fasteners better chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. The required roll width is 3860mm. Now the popular automotive industry is specially used for rewinding quantitative GSM special decorative paper

aseli rewinder is in the leading position in the Chinese market, which can meet the needs of different customers and meet and adapt to various product changes in a timely and flexible manner

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